Startrack 2000 GPS 



The STARTRACK 2000 tracking system is a GPS/CELLULAR tracking device that can locate your vehicles with extreme precision within only a few seconds, whether they are stationary or in motion. STARTRACK 2000 is the perfect tool to protect your most valuable goods. 

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antivol véhicules


  • Tracking by GPS transmission of data by cellular networks

  • Works on computer, tablet and smartphone

  • Reception of alerts by email and SMS

  • Canada and USA coverage (no roaming fees)

  • Movement alert

  • Overspeed alerts (with in cabin audible alert)

  • Low battery alert

  • Input for (panic button, alarm system or other)

  • Starter-kill (option)

  • Driving behavior reports

  • Very low power consumption on the vehicle's battery

  • Backup battery available in option

Startrack 2000