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GPS tracking anti-theft and fleet management systems

Intercepter Tracking Systems was founded in 2003 by specialists from the car alarms industry. If you are looking for the most performing and innovative vehicle security or fleet management systems on the market, you will find it at Intercepter Tracking Systems. If you are a vehicle dealer or hotel looking for a solution to protect your lot we also have the solution for you.

fleet management system

Fuel anti-theft
Our Fuel Alert anti-theft system allows you to be alerted in the event of a fuel theft attempted. Whether by pumping or tank drilling, you will be alerted of a theft attempted. Our product is suitable for all types of vehicles, as well as generators and tanks. Available for enterprises only.

trailer protection

Alarm and GPS tracking for trailers

Protect your trailers on your lot and on the road and track them while on the road. Our tracking systems for trailers alert you if someone tries to take a trailer without authorization and allow you to track tem at any time.



car lot  protection

Anti-theft parking lots and construction sites 

Our patented security system RF Sentinel is an alarm system specially designed for vehicle lots. It can protect all type of vehicle dealerships including, car, truck, heavy equipement and also hotels parking lots. RF Sentinel can also be used to protect trailers on freight companies lots and equipements and trailers on construction sites.



gps fleet management
vehcile security

GPS alarm & tracking for vehicles
Looking for an efficient solution to protect your vehicles or equipment against theft? Our Startrack 2000 tracking system can protect all types of vehicles and equipments. It incorporates a movement detector that will send an alert by SMS if your vehicle or equiment moves and it allows you to locate it, if ever it gets stolen. The Startrack 2000 consumes very low power, so it will never drain your vehicle's battery.

Fleet management for service vehicles

Our Startrack 2500 GPS vehicle fleet management system allows you to stay in touch with your vehicles while they are on the road. It includes many interesting features such as; Unlimited location requests, ignition ON/OFF and stop times, idling alerts, geo-fence alerts and much more.


Monitored alarm and tracking systems

Our Intercepter GPS tracking systems are specially designed to offer you the best protection against theft. They allow you to be alerted if someone attempts to steal your vehicle and they also allow you to recuperate your vehicle quickly in case of theft. When your vehicle is protected by Intercepter, it is monitored 24/24 and 7/7 by a ULC monitoring centre.

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