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GPS fleet management systems


Startrack GPS vehicle fleet management systems allows you to stay in touch with your vehicles while they are on the road. It includes many interesting features such as; Location of vehicles at anytime, stop times, trip times, odometer records, idle times and much more. It also incorporates anti-theft features for the safety of your vehicles. 

Security and vehicle recovery systems

Our Intercepter GPS tracking systems are specially designed to offer you the best protection against theft. They allow you to be alerted if someone attempts to steal your vehicle and they also allow you to recuperate your vehicle quickly in case of theft. When your vehicle is protected by Intercepter, it is monitored 24/24 and 7/7 by a ULC monitoring centre.

Anti-theft for vehicle lots

Our patented security system has been specially designed to protect vehicles while they are on dealership lots. RF Sentinel protects your vehicles againts theft on an encrypted private network. It can be installed within ten seconds in any type of vehicle, including trucks and heavy equipment.

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