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The STARTRACK 2500 GPS tracking system is a GPS/CELLULAR tracking device that can locate your vehicles with extreme precision within only a few seconds, whether they are stationary or in motion. STARTRACK 2500 GPS system is the perfect tool for fleet owners and on road representatives. 

Startrack 2500 GPS tracking and fleet management system

fleet management system
fleet management
gps fleet management



        Basic features

  • (GPS) tracking data transmission by cellular networks

  • Works on computer, tablet and smartphone

  • Canada & USA coverage without roaming fees


       Security features

  • Movement alerts at all time

  • Movement alerts outside of authorized hours

  • Overspeed alerts (with in cabin audible alert)

  • Tow alerts

  • Low battery alerts

  • Battery disconnection alerts (requires a backup battery offered in option)

  • Zone in zone out alerts (more than 2,000 zones available)

  • Idle alerts

  • Starter-kill (installation in option)

  • Multiple inputs for (panic button, alarm system and other)

  • Alerts by sms and/or e-mail


       Management features

  • Detailled reports of speeds, kilometers travelled, idle, time of arrival with position, departure time and travel time

  • Alarm reports

  • Zones in zones out reports

  • Kilometers travelled by zones

  • Engine usage hours

  • Driving behavior reports

  • Trail reports

  • Reports can be downloaded in Excel format

  • Other features available on demand

Startrack 2500 

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